Monday, April 19, 2010

Personal Carbon

Nowadays, the contamination is something that you see all days. The people don´t think in the future and spend too much water, cut trees and the factories make contaminations in the air. The people got to change that situation!!!


For me, marriage is not a good idea because I am very young, and I am not ready for that. Some people say that the marriage is a good idea, but I don’t think so.

simple life

To live a simple life in some cases is good because you live a healthy life, but in some cases is so boring because in their life there is no TV, computer and internet. I really don´t like this life. I can´t live it without those things. For me, the life that I have is good, well not really good, but for me is good now tell did you like to live a simple like I think that you never like it!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Storytelling is very important now in these days because with that we not only talk about scary stories, we talk about important things that important people do for the history of the country. The history is a way to communicate something that already passed or something that never in the life passed, and we invent these different kinds of stories to scare people or to talk about something important. Well, the storytelling is very important for all because in one moment in our lives we paid attention to a very interesting story.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The language

The language is a very important tool because with that we can communicate many things with the people that stay around us. The language is part of our culture and identifies where do you come from or your social condition. If you are a person with low economy or poor, your language can be bad, it depends on the country that you are from because you can´t talk with a person that comes from India because he has a different language than you. Well, but if the people that come from India talk in English and you too, you can talk in English with she or he. In conclusion, you have a different language than other people that come from other countries. They have different words and you have to respect the language of everybody and they are going to respect yours.


The tourism is one of the more important economic parts in Costa Rica because the tourist bring money to the country and the hotels and with that the poor people gone a little bit but the tourism is bat for the country too because we lost our identity and the hotel and other companies destroy our country and the nature kill animal and take them from their jungle to sell them to the tourist and we have to stop that for we and for our country. In conclusion the tourism are good for the country but in many cases are bad for us.